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Condo For Sale in Quezon City
guam travel, Whats better then a beautiful sunset and food? Nothing! Guams sunset bbq is one of the best things about the island. Most hotels offer a sunset bbq. Whats also great about it is that its like your practically on the beach! A wide range of food is offered. From your marinated meats, to seafood and not to mention dessert! Also, alcoholic beverages is served in most places as well. Great for big parties or a romantic dinner. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the view! -by: Ging G. Guam sunset bbq guam | z 8:37 pm | Saturday, December 27, 2008 | HotGuam-Food | 22:09 | | 2009, October 26, Monday | guam vacation, 20:37 | Monday, October 26th, 2009 | 10:09 pm