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Condominium in Cebu

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4 Reviews for “Linda’s Cafe Guam”
  1. December 21st, 2012
    clare Says:

    dec 21, 12 around 4:30 in the afternoon. i ordered kadon pika. this was the worst kadon pika linda’s cook has ever made. the old cooks are gone the younger cooks i do not think they understand what lind’s cafe is famous for on guam.

    i was served a watered down heated up kadon pika that was probably leftover from the lunch time crowd. how do i know of this? cause of texture and taste of the chicken. the cook just warmed up the chicken. it was served with a watered down taste, hardly no onions in it and the chicken texture of the meat was falling of easy to chew and been sitting in the pot for hours. the peppers were not spiked up.

    but i ate it up cause i was hungry did not eat lunch busy at work all day. paid the $10.50 and did not tip the waitress. it is the holidays and did not want to argue.

    manager please have a talk with your cooks. if your going to serve leftover or has been sitting the the pot for hours let your customer know and give them dicounts if the customer chooses to eat it. customers apreciate honesty.

    example i went to crown bakery to get a tuna sand which for lunch but the only sand which at that time was a cold turkey and a peanut butter sand which. the manager gave me a choice she said i can have the sand which made right now for you and you pay the regular price or you can have those those last two sand whiches for for fifty cents each. i went for the bargain.

    fundraisers who ordered so much jamacan grill dishes that there were left overs sold at half prices after 2/3 has gone by were honest to tell customers and customers bought it anyway.

    once again it is the honeslt that i liked and the cook at linda’s cafe failed to let me know as a customer.

  2. October 23rd, 2012
    local boy Says:

    the place is really improving! they added a lot of new faces and different local items on the menu not seen anywhere else. Marlin keleguen, tamales gisu, eggplant and coconut milk and their serving root beer floats now! my favorite. And many more like Kadun pika ( stewing chicken with tatiyas) and a chunky chicken soup on Sunday to die for. The lunch specials are the bomb! always has been the bomb! Monday meat loaf, Tuesday garlic fried chicken and beef shank, Wednesdays ham hock and mong beans, Thursdays ox tail stew and wahoo steaks and on fridays they serve beef tinaktak and deep parrot fish …. Big ups to the staffers and management for bringing the place back to LIFE! Good job yall

  3. March 14th, 2011
    Millie Says:

    ONCE…. and that was it… The customer service there really sucked.. sorry to say.. but it is true.. it was like the waitress was trying to brush me off.. too bad so sad.. i ain’t going back there any time soon.. sorry to say..

  4. September 29th, 2009
    Kar Kar Says:

    One of my favorite late-night Guam dining spots. This place is always hopping after 4am on a weekend.

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