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4 Reviews for “Onward Beach Resort BBQ Guam”
  1. July 9th, 2011
    Jim Says:

    Onward has an awesome view, and I like that it’s not in the center of Tourist Central.

  2. May 24th, 2011
    1829Men Says:

    Nothing too impressive here in Onward Beach Resort but I liked the fact that they were not too expensive and their food was good. As long as I have close friend around then I am fine with that. We have had a good time.

  3. November 13th, 2009
    Jimmy Says:

    It was okay. A little empty though. Very few people came to the show.

  4. October 30th, 2009
    Michiko Says:

    I had a very much good time at Onward Show. The BBQ is very delicious and the show was entertaining. I chose this show over the other sunset beach bbq because this was not as much dollars.

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Onward Resort Guam, 445 Governor Carlos G. Camacho Road, Tamuning, Guam 96913

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