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4 Reviews for “Corridos 848 Guam”
  1. July 19th, 2011
    HappyFeet Says:

    They have a variety of food that really suit my taste. I can have healthy options that are still nutritious. I don’t know, though, when they are going to be open.

  2. July 14th, 2010
    LoveToEat! Says:

    If you have the palate for authentic filipino/asian cuisine then you would not be disappointed. Their salad bar is well stocked as compared to several hotels. As far as price goes, it is well reasonable… ONLY – why are they closed? They’ve been closed since nearly 2 months already? What’s up with that, and are they going to re-open soon?

  3. May 24th, 2010
    VJ Says:

    Any updates with Corridos 848? I missed eating in here.

  4. August 8th, 2009
    Brook Says:

    Supper yummy salmon steak!

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