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Best Lobster in Guam. Guam Lobster. guam travel, Are you looking for a Guam Lobster Restaurant on the island? The will show you the most affordable, top rated, Guam Lobster Restaurant you have been looking for. Tumon Bay Lobster and Grill is on of the island’s popular spot for eating lobster. May it be grilled lobster, grilled lobster, steamed lobster, lobster bisque, sushi lobster, etc. they may have it available for you at a hefty price. Hefty for the locals that is, but if you’re on a lobster spending free, you may choose to have your lobster prepared however you want it. Although, you may want to double check with your doctor before you gobble up on this hearty seafood delicacy. Some individuals are allergic to shellfish and may cause serious health complications. Personally, I love lobster in pasta with white sauce and swiss cheese paired with a glass of white wine. Some people prefer lobster on their soup like chowder, lobster dip with fresh cooked nachos or bruschetta, or the most popular way grilled. Guam Lobster Restaurants usually serve their lobster with tail because this is the meatiest part of the shellfish. You know it is perfectly cooked when the meat is tender and not chewy. Dip on citrus butter and eat with mashed potatoes and rib-eye steak and glass of ice cold beer is just perfect. Guam Lobster | z 1:56 am | Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | HotGuam-Food | 22:11 | | 2009, October 26, Monday | guam vacation, 1:56 | Monday, October 26th, 2009 | 10:11 pm