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3 Reviews for “Sails Restaurant Guam”
  1. May 30th, 2011
    thumbsup Says:

    We had a sea side seat reserved for the whole family and I personally loved it. The breeze of the wind was so relaxing. The seafood (crabs and shrimps) that we’ve ordered were fresh and huge. I liked their idea of having a grill in each table so everyone can grill their own food and eat it hot.

  2. April 13th, 2011
    Chester Says:

    Kudos Sails Restaurant! You have such a nice concept in this restaurant. The vibe was cozy and welcoming, the food was hot and tasted great, and the location is just perfect. Oh, I just love to keep coming back in here.

  3. January 29th, 2009
    James Says:

    It was a cool experience. Right next to Tumon Bay, and you get to cook your own food. I personally feel that my food would have tasted better if it was prepared by a trained chef (HAHA!). I don’t know how I feel about paying a bunch of money, and then me doing all the work. It as fun though.

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