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12 Reviews for “Uncle Sim’s Ramen Guam”
  1. July 12th, 2013
    Minami Says:

    I go there for their cheap appetizers (tofu & edamame) and mango soju cocktails which are super strong & only 5 bucks for a glass

  2. July 12th, 2013
    Anna Says:

    Uncle Sim’s sushi and ramen selections are the bomb! they’re at great prices and their staff have changed (Thank God!) to provide friendlier and quick service. My fav is their yakisoba, gyoza, and spicy tuna poki. Don’t hate & try them out 🙂

  3. November 21st, 2012
    Caleb Says:

    A few minutes of silence when they start to eat and a clean plate at the end

  4. May 27th, 2012
    Jgrayson Says:

    Service was horrible, food was bad.
    After ordering watched five groups walk out due to lack of service. I had to run down the staff to take my order, and she was very unhappy. Will never go there again. There are many choices and most seem happy to see customers.

  5. June 15th, 2011
    Scott Says:

    Count me in with 671Honky and Lola. I love this restaurant. Keep it up Uncle Sim’s Ramen!

  6. March 30th, 2011
    Lola Says:

    @671Honky: I AGREE WITH YOU!!
    their food just gets better & better!!
    friendly waitresses too!

  7. March 30th, 2011
    Lola Says:

    freaken BETTER than fuji-ichi! i love their variety of sushi selections, their ramen, and their bento boxes! Honestly worth the money! Pretty cheap too! Their spicy poki, home-made gyoza, fried chicken, and bacon moyashi are the BESSSSSSSSSST!!!!! I love their whole menu! MUST TRY OUT!

  8. October 25th, 2010
    Kenni Says:

    Sorry but ew!!

  9. October 21st, 2010
    Eugine Says:

    I won’t go back to this place again.

  10. August 1st, 2010
    Island Cuisine Says:

    Awesome spicy tuna rolls….

  11. June 28th, 2010
    Myha Says:

    Good ramen. Broth is not too oily or salty and noodles are just right, just as I remember in the Japanese markets in California.

  12. January 29th, 2009
    671Honky Says:

    This place rocks! The best ramen house on Guam as far as I’m concerned.

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