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4 Reviews for “King and I Thai Cuisine Guam”
  1. June 14th, 2011
    showersofblessing Says:

    King and Thai Cuisine offers tasty food at an acceptable price with accommodating and friendly staff in a great setting.

  2. May 3rd, 2011
    Aran Says:

    It was our fifth time here in King and I Thai Cuisine and it is always a great experience. We loved it’s quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Their food was great for our whole group. Their Thai dishes are superb.

  3. February 20th, 2011
    Camryn Says:

    I am not used to eating a lot. Or should I say I avoid eating too much. Hahaha.. But this place made me do it. Good thing I didn’t feel stuffed.

  4. October 11th, 2009
    Bryony Says:

    I had the most scrumptious birthday celebration meal right here even though I’m not a vegan! Their service has been outstanding, also. I will surely be back here.

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