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9 Reviews for “Chili’s Guam”
  1. November 20th, 2013
    Kim Says:

    We will never eat here anymore. Every time we come here our day gets ruined. Such a ridiculous service and the manager has an attitude considering she is the manager. Waste of time.

  2. April 11th, 2012
    Al Says:

    Crappy service — host, waiter, and other servers. Mediocre food, nothing to rave about. Always out of 1/3 of menu items i.e. eggrolls, potato skins, lemonade, and other stuff. Blah. Go to outback instead.

  3. February 13th, 2012
    I'm in the military too.. Says:

    You just can’t have every military discount you can get on this island. How about dig deep and pay the full price for once like everyone else?

  4. September 15th, 2011
    gaper Says:

    I cant understand in a military area, chill’s Guam don’t give military discount.

  5. June 22nd, 2011
    Migs Says:

    We have Chili’s so I found it cool that they have it here in Guam too. I was here for once during our vacation yet I really enjoyed their food and service.

  6. June 13th, 2011
    Bhing Says:

    Our lunch at Chili’s in Tamuning, Guam was one of the best meals of our trip to Guam.

  7. April 23rd, 2011
    Tyra Says:

    Their ribs and steaks were my top picks over any other Tamuning restaurant. They provide big servings with good customer service on a fair price. Kudos to Chili’s!

  8. November 9th, 2010
    Nicole Says:

    Love me some Chili’s their burgers are delish and great service! Fill out a short survey online with your receipt and they give you 10% off your next visit :).

  9. April 17th, 2010
    yummy Says:

    I never thought salmon taste great here in Chili’s. I’ll be back for sure. Looking forward to my coming birthday so they could sing me a long too. hahaha

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