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Welcaruba serves amazing Asian Fusion dishes. Asian Seafood, Korean Fried Rice served in stone pots, Malaysian Curry, Vietnamese Soups and so much more. Experience the lunch buffet every Monday through Friday or the dinner buffet every Saturday and Sunday evenings. Welcaruba is located on PIC’s Garden Floor.




  Lunch (Mon-Sat) Dinner (Daily)
  12:00am-02:00pm 06:00pm-09:30pm

House for rent Makati

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One Review for “Welcaruba Guam”
  1. April 18th, 2011
    Duncan Says:

    I was here last night and was impressed with their food and service. They have a big variety of Asian food, and oftentimes they also have buffet meals. My hat is off to them for their professional, polite hosts.

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