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House and lot Laguna

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6 Reviews for “Ruby Tuesday Guam”
  1. August 2nd, 2011
    Melon Shake Says:

    When you say fresh garden bar, it’s really FRESH. I will definitely come back and sample their burger. I’ve heard it’s to die for. See u soon Ruby Tuesday!

  2. June 15th, 2011
    Renz Says:

    My hat is off to Ruby Tuesday!

  3. September 15th, 2009
    Derrell Says:

    Aside from the Salad Bar being really great, the ambiance is really laid back. But service is never consistent, sometimes its good sometimes its bad.

  4. March 26th, 2009
    Tara Bear Says:

    All I can say is… Wow!!!

    I love the all you can eat salad bar. My burger was perfectly cooked, nice and juicy. The staff was very attentive and friendly.

    Two thumbs up! I will definitely come back!

  5. March 26th, 2009
    Jofes Says:

    Best Salad bar on Guam. I will definitely go there again, just for the awesome salad.

  6. March 24th, 2009
    Gillian Says:

    They have the best burgers on Guam! I really like their Sam Adams marinated burger.

    They also have the best salad buffet I’ve seen on Guam. Highly recommended.

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