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3 Reviews for “Little Caesar’s Pizza Station Guam”
  1. August 16th, 2010
    GuamFoodCritic Says:

    [ Edited ]

    The Little Caesar’s located inside K-mart has been doing very well, serving hot and fresh food while maintaining excellent customer service. The staff there are friendly and speedy when it comes to orders. I love how I could get a Large 1 topping pizza for just $10!!!

  2. February 26th, 2009
    Tara Bear Says:

    …oh and i forgot they have wide selection of food. Not just pizza. I remember they even serve fried chicken and rice. Who does that?! Guam Little Caesar’s rocks!

  3. February 26th, 2009
    Tara Bear Says:

    I remember this was the “hangout” after school. Back then, I used to only get the crazy bread with the sauce. Now that I’m employed I still get the crazy bread with the sauce (large this time), pizza, spaghetti and lasagna.

    The Little Caesar’s on Guam inside Kmart is by far the best LC pizza station I’ve ever been to compared to the ones on the mainland. Its clean and their staff is fast and efficient.

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