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Best Fruit Smoothies in Guam. Guam Fruit Smoothies. guam travel, What’s more refreshing than drinking fresh fruit smoothies while laying on Guam’s beaches and soaking up the sun? I dream about that everyday, and one day I will do that when I visit Guam again. I will visit the first Guam Fresh Smoothies I see and buy some refreshing watermelon smoothie. Maybe I can even mix my fruits and add kiwi, strawberry, and banana on my watermelon smoothie. If I feel like being healthy, I’ll order some fresh blueberry smoothie because blueberries are said to have rich in antioxidants and healthy for your body. Some Guam Fruit Smoothie have some alcohol content on them. Some places like the hotels and bars mix fruit smoothies with cocktails and they are delicious. Fresh pineapple smoothie and rum, makes pina colada. Sit by the hotel resort like PIC hotel and enjoy the glass of Guam Fruit Smoothie cocktail. Some places prepare Fruit Smoothies with fresh fruits, and some with powder. They sometimes even add tapioca balls in the drink. In the states, its very popular and the main land people call it “boba” drink. Maybe because the tapioca looks like a ball. And some kid probably made it popular because he couldn’t pronounce tapioca and just called it “boba.” Guam has some pretty hot weather so it’s no wonder that one of the most popular searches on is for Guam fruit smoothies. Guamanians have many different favorite types of fruit smoothie flavors. Personally I prefer strawberry fruit smoothies. I guess it’s because when I was growing up my mama always used to break out the blender, in inch used a mixed frozen strawberries with cold pineapple juice. She then used to throw in a handful of ice cubes and then blend it into a smooth cream. This was the perfect addition on one of those hot Guam days. Not understand that not many people and long own blunders, but this is not my fault. In my opinion every Guam household should only blender. At any other place in the United States, Guam should be the highest per capita sales of blenders in my opinion. Just because it’s so hot over here, there’s always a need to have a nice fruit smoothie next to you when you’re looking up at the sun and having your skin fry. Now this concludes our short talk about Guam fruit smoothies and where you can get them. Guam Fruit Smoothies | z 9:34 pm | Sunday, November 2, 2008 | HotGuam-Food | 0:12 | | 2009, September 16, Wednesday | guam vacation, 21:34 | Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 | 12:12 am