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Jamaican Grill

Jamaican Grill Guam

Chamorro Village Hagåtña 472-2000
Hagåtña 472-2600
Tumon 647-3000 Tumon 647-4000

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Best Jamaican Restaurants in Guam. Guam Jamaican Restaurants. guam travel, Who wouldn’t want Jamaican food?! Its one of my favorite cuisine. One of Guam Jamaican Restaurants I love to go to is in the heart of Tumon across PIC hotel. The place is called Jamaican Grill. I love love love their food! Their bbq baby back ribs and grilled chicken is to die for! What i love most is they serve red rice or red bean rice with their main menu. You can even get both rice because they serve two scoops! This is the best Guam Jamaican Restaurant on island. You can even eat with your hands like a true jamaican! Who eats ribs with fork and spoon anyway? Use your fingers mon! I love that they have great sauces and dips for their grilled chicken, grilled ribs, and grilled steak. They have mango dips, honey mustard, and more! They even have outside dining with the island dining feeling. I love how casual it is. You can find other Guam Jamaican Restaurants on but I suggest Jamaican Grill, they are bomb diggity! Guam Jamaican | z 8:45 am | Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | HotGuam-Food | 1:33 | | 2009, January 18, Sunday | guam vacation, 8:45 | Sunday, January 18th, 2009 | 1:33 am