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The “OTHER” kind of Teppanyaki – where tastes comes before show.

LUNCH HOURS 11:00AM TO 2:00PM *last orders up to 1:45pm

DINNER HOURS 6:00PM TO 10:00PMĀ  *last orders up to 9:30pm

We specialize in birthdays, small parties, office gatherings, and even cater. Lunch Specials with salad & appetizer buffet $14.95* and up.

More info:

649-2333 (restaurant)

649-2334 (fax) (email)

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5 Reviews for “Samurai Seaport Steak & Wine Co Guam”
  1. June 1st, 2012
    dommkar Says:

    Dear Samurai,

    I am wondering how much would it cost for a dinner of 10 people?

  2. August 23rd, 2010
    Manny Fejeran Says:

    Request reservations for a private room 10 people for 11:30am on August 27th.


    Manny Fejeran
    (671) 475-3324 ext 123

  3. February 16th, 2010
    nicky Says:

    just have to love the flair :)

  4. November 12th, 2009
    ... Says:

    To Noah:

    Honestly I don’t think it’s complaining customers but a public liability. They simply may not be able to pay for any liabilities such as a customers hair getting on fire, workers compensation, or the restaurant may not be code to do some “faliring”.

    It shows a lot about a restaurant when they start blaming customers for such frivolous things.

  5. December 3rd, 2008
    Noah Says:


    This is my biggest complaint about this restaurant. If you go to an open grill Teppanyaki restaurant you are EXPECTED to flair.

    To flair means: to flame up your meal (with extra cooking wine). It makes for great entertainment.

    We came to this restaurant expecting them to flair, but when I asked our personal cook to do it he said: “we can’t do it anymore because customers complained about the safety hazard”.

    GEEZ! Maybe these lame customers shouldn’t be going to a flair restaurant.

    This is management’s fault. Customers go there looking for entertainment and uniqueness. Just because a few customers complain, it shouldn’t ruin the show for the majority of customers.

    I am very let down. I hope management reads this and realizes that first:
    – Japanese tourists expect you to flair (flame on!)
    – second, that locals come expecting a show.

    Just because a few customers complain, you should not end the entertainment part of the experience.

    You may lose a few lame-butt conservatives, but in the long-run, by keeping the entertainment aspect, you will please the majority of customers.

    Everything else except for that is superb.

    They have an excellent buffet (included in meal) with salad, local appetizers, sushi, sashimi, and soup.

    Then you sit down, and your own personal cook makes you your dish right in front of you.

    This might be listed as a bit pricey, but for all that you get, plus the great service, it is well-worth the price.

    I have to say that the steak (as the name implies), is the best thing they serve here. The chicken actually tasted pre-frozen and lame, but the steak was some of the best I’ve had on Guam. Get it Medium, and I guarantee you won’t leave not agreeing with me.

    But I still have to say: This is not fair. We come expecting a show. If a customer specifically requests for flair (flaming up their dish) you should not turn them down. It is right in front of them, and you are not hurting the wimpy, liberals to the left of us.

    Geez. I really hope management changes this lame new rule. You have really talented, nice, cooks that want to flair but you won’t let them.

    And when you correct this lame rule, I will leave another review, that is super-positive. Because other than your no-flairing rule, your restaurant is perfect.

    P.S. Make sure you ask for extra sauteed onion mixed in with your Teppanyaki steak. It makes a real difference in the flavor.

Samurai Seaport Steak & Wine Co Guam Phone Number:

(671) 649-2333

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