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Best German Restaurants in Guam. Guam German Restaurants. guam travel, What’s in a German food? The only thing I can think of are bratwurst. That’s a German sausage right? Guam German Restaurants aren’t very popular on the island. I think the closest one they have is the McKrauts. They are said to have popular bratwurst and fries. When I think of German cuisine the picture that pops in my head is beer! I wonder it McKrauts serve beer. Maybe I should look up their number on and give them a call to save me the trip. I wonder if any of Guam German Restaurants serve Windbeutel (German Cream Puffs), Cremeschnitte, or German dumplings. Finish a hearty German meall off with German beer like Hefeweizen or Beck’s would be heavenly. Guam German | z | | HotGuam-Food | | | | guam vacation, | |