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Toh-ka-lin Guam

Phone: (671) 646-6811*1701-3

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Best Chinese (Cantonese-style) Restaurants in Guam. Guam Chinese (Cantonese-style) Restaurants. guam travel, What’s the difference between regular Chinese food and Cantonese style Chinese food? Sources say: “Classic Cantonese sauces are light, mellow and perhaps bland compared to the thicker, darker, and richer sauces of other Chinese cuisines.” Now where do you find Guam Chinese Cantonese Style restaurants on the island? Easy! Go to and look under the restaurant listings. The best one so far on the list is toh-kah-lin. Now since cantonese food is more light and not as dark as the regular chinese food, I may prefer to eat this if I am on a diet. Some cantonese traditional dishes people may be interested in are Chinese steamed eggs, Congee with century egg, Cantonese fried rice, Sweet and sour pork, Steamed spare ribs (pai gwhut) with fermented black beans and chili pepper, Stir-fried vegetables with meat (e.g. chicken, duck, pork, beef, or intestines), Steamed frog legs on lotus leaf, Steamed ground pork and salted duck egg meatballs, Blanched vegetables with oyster sauce, Stir-fried hairy gourd with dried shrimp and chinese vermicelli, or Stir-fried water convolvulus with shredded chili and fermented tofu. Some say they serve food made from dogs now that’s just disturbing! I’m pretty sure that doesn’t pass on Guam. Sources say it has been band in many regions of china. Guam Chinese (Cantonese-style) | z 4:10 am | Wednesday, November 5, 2008 | HotGuam-Food | 4:10 | | 2008, November 5, Wednesday | guam vacation, 4:10 | Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 | 4:10 am