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Best Micro-Brewery Beer in Guam. Guam Micro-Brewery Beer. guam travel, Guam Restaurants with: Micro-Brewed Beer. All that me count the joys of micro brewery beer on Guam. One of my favorite places to get Guam micro brewed beer is at the fisherman’s Tavern. This is a rare treat for any Guamanians, because micro brewed beer is one of the few things you can get on island. Opus, did I say the Fisherman’s Tavern? What I meant was the Mermaid Tavern and Grill. I know it’s hard to believe, but this is the only microbrewery I know of on Guam. Let me say that again. This is the only Guam micro brewery on island! That is really hard to believe, because I can think of no other thing that a man wants than a nice hearty freshly brewed cup of beer. Now I know what you’re saying. This guy is a real drunkard. All he thinks about is beer, and where he can get some Guam beer. But it is not like that at all. Some people just don’t understand that beer taste good when it’s fresh, and when it’s not fresh you just want to take it and toss it out the window. I mean come on! Who wants to drink some old beer that took about two months to come from the states, and has been sitting in the store for another month. This three month old beer tastes nothing like it did when it first came out of the brewery in Milwaukee. Another one of my gripes, is an American beers just don’t have the flavor that European beers do. Now perhaps I’m spoiled, when I was in Europe I remember that the Belgian beers had a full hearty flavor, and the Irish beers were almost a meal in itself. Now that I’ve come back to the US, or Guam to be more precise, one of the things that I hate our American beers because they are so watered down, and it takes for ever to get any sort of a buzz out of them. In my opinion you are paying more for the bottle, then you are for the beer that’s inside of the bottle. So back to the topic at hand, were talking about where you can get some awesome Guam micro brewed beer. We’ll pretty much the only place on Eileen you can get micro brewed beer is the mermaid Tavern and Grill which is located in Agana. Not only do they serve awesome Greek and American-style food, but I mainly go there for the great micro brewed beer. Like I said, this is the only place on Guam you can get micro brewed beer. So if you’re in the mood for a nice cool tall mug of micro brewed beer, then get your butt down to the Mermaid Tavern and Grill in Agana, and make sure you tell them that sent you there. We could really use the publicity right now, as we don’t have a marketing budget and there are a lot of Guam businesses out there that simply don’t know about us. Keep in mind that we are a nonprofit organization, and all of our profits they make from advertisement go right back into the system. That means that no one gets a cut of any of the money made by Guam Micro-Brewery Beer | z | | HotGuam-Food | | | | guam vacation, | |