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Best Hot Chocolate in Guam. Guam Hot Chocolate. guam travel, The best time to have hot chocolate is when its chilly and the rain is pouring outside. When I don’t feel like making my own I usually look under the listings of and look for Guam Hot Chocolate. I pick a new place I haven’t tried if I feel spontaneous and buy my hot chocolate there while I read a nice novel. I usually like my hot chocolate sweet and with lots of little tiny bits of marshmallow. Personally, if I feel like being lazy I just make my own at home. I go to the closest supermarket, which is Payless Supermarket by Micronesia Mall and I buy a package of Nestle hot chocolate and marshmallow bits then make it myself. When my family or friends go out for breakfast, i usually order hot chocolate. Guam Hot Chocolate is the best with if combined with some local spam and eggs for breakfast and chorizo sausages. Sometimes the servers make the hot chocolate cold by accident, which is no problem form me. I usually just request for a glass of ice and pour the hot chocolate in it and VIOLA! I have Iced Hot Chocolate! You are probably wondering why anybody on Guam would be looking for hot chocolate. Well I guess you could call nostalgia, but many of us came from the states were used to be pretty cold. In these other colder states, we have warm memories of sitting in for the campfire and sipping a mug of nice warm smooth and creamy hot chocolate. On Guam and doesn’t get cold enough to really justify sipping a alarm hot chocolate, but I guess it’s just a nostalgia that brings us back to her childhood days. So you’re looking for some Guam hot chocolate are you? Well one of my favorite restaurants to go to get a nice warm cup of hot chocolate is Denny’s located into moving. Not only is this one of my favorite after-hours hangout spots, but they are also one of the few places that specializes in serving breakfast all day long. Denny’s offers the Summer slam which consists of an omelette, hash, and your choice of chorizo sausage or fried rice. But that is getting off the topic. Guam Hot Chocolate | z | | HotGuam-Food | | | | guam vacation, | |